Helping You Navigate Through
Retirement Safely

CFG Wealth Management

At CFG Wealth Management, LLC, we believe our teamwork approach adds a broader perspective to all we do and provides increased benefits to our clients.

We’ll also help to answer your questions, including:

  • Can I retire early?
  • Am I prepared to minimize my tax burden?
  • What are the elements of a sound estate strategy?
  • Do I have an income plan that will allow my assets to live as long as I do?
  • When is the best time to claim my Social Security so I can receive my maximum benefit?
  • Will healthcare potentially cripple my retirement plans?
  • How can I help minimize my tax burden when I retire?
  • Are my investments working hard enough?

Our experienced professionals have helped many people just like you with similar issues and concerns. We can help you create an approach that is designed to address your individual situation.

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Simplifying Your Retirement Puzzle

We follow a four-step process to create your financial plan. The wonderful benefit of our four step process is that it applies to any financial decision or concern you have. It helps you make informed decisions about your money based on facts and an experienced team of professionals to help guide you along the way. We take the time to thoroughly explore your needs, no matter the stage of life you are in, to help provide a custom tailored solution that we continue to monitor and adjust until the end of time.

Our investment planning is based on a philosophy of controlling for volatility and eliminating unnecessary fees.

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We’ll walk you through the numerous tax planning strategies that can minimize your taxes in a legal and ethical manner.

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We’ll plan and help create strong and predictable income which is the foundation of a comfortable lifestyle.

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Since we all will eventually pass, it is critical to have a plan to make sure that your hard-earned assets go to your loved ones and charities in the most efficient manner.

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